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Letter From Pastor K

Below is the letter we received from Pastor K!   I hope it encourages you as you read, and I pray it spurs you on to pray for Pastor K, the ministries he leads, India, and his family!   As a reminder - identifying information is redacted (names, and places) to protect the wellbeing of his family!  The full letter, with images is available in person if you would like to see it.
Dear Pastor Peter & Ketchikan Naz Family,
Greetings to you in the precious name of Jesus Christ. Hope that you are doing well in His grace .
God has been doing great work in work and ministry In amazing way in past months God has been leading us different way. I believe that He has chosen us here for the community and for building His kingdom among the Indians communities. Past months I could see that God has been working with us, He is at work.
  1. In month of April I had privilege to go to ******** for doing VBS for children. In which 208 children participated. In this group many children were from other faith. The program was organized by the group of local pastors. I was as a recourse person, in leading VBS among these children. The trip was super excited as of the result leading VBS for 208 children was the big task for me. One of other Brother from North India travelled with me to have wonderful VBS in ********.
  2. In Month of May we arranged 2 days evangelical training in our ******** Church in which local members of the church were taught about sharing faith to others. In which 17 members of our church took part in it. The intension was to build evangelist from the local church. We cannot share our faith openly, we have to be cautious in it. But having other ideas, plan, we try to share each day our lives and share our faith to at least one person.
  3. In month of June here in ******** schools got summer vacation as the temperature was 42- 49 degree. ******** my little daughter also got summer vacation. She started getting bore at home. As she was used to school, so, my wife ******** and ******* had plan to visit mountains of Uttarakhand for few days. They went for 2 weeks in mountains had cold temperature around 6- 22 degree.
  4. In month of June I have got a responsibility from Church of the Nazarene India field to lead Nazarene Discipleship International - India– children (NDI-India) as a coordinator. Which helped me in building new plans to enroll many children in discipleship- in making Christlike disciples in nations. Through which I could lead 3 VBS & Children camp in ********* District in which 152 participated in 3 different platform. Month of June was full of excited in leading VBS, Children camp in 3 different part of the *********. I believe that we had fruitful VBS, Children Camp as we could introduce Jesus to many children. Now the local churches are leading those little children in His powerful words & they are sharing the stories gospel to their parents, for which we praise God. God has other ways to bring His people to Him
  5. In month of July ******* school got reopened, and she started going to school. Few days it was hard to send her school as after one month the school reopened. This month the excited thing was for all of us was the Birthday of ********. On 7th July we celebrated her birthday with cake cutting, invited her friends, she made our day with her friends.  The month was fully busy in sharing & encouraging people in Christ. And planning for NDI- India, developing Christlike disciples in the nations

This is how God was involved in our work & lives,  we praise God for this, what He has done in our lives. He is continues working in our work, ministry and lives.

******* Child Development Center is doing great work in building children’s lives, and their family. This month on 8th July we were able to go for educational trip in ********, which is 40 Km. from ********.

From ********* Church of the Nazarene and from the India field NDI team my wife and I  have been elected for the General Assembly & Convention 2023. For which we are so excited, We would be visiting Indiana for the General Assembly & convention in June 2023. Hope to see you one day. “If God willing”. We are praying for passport, visa, and other travel expenses.

I know and believe that you & all the Ketchikan Naz family is continues praying for us & for India.
Thanks for your prayers in building His kingdom.  Here is how we need your continues valuable prayer and support.
  • Pray for ******* education as she grows up, pray for completing her fees on time.
  • Pray for the NDI-India, as I have got new responsibility. May God help me developing Christlike -disciples.  
  • Pray for the VBS teachers as they are growing in the area, may God help them to reach and teach the children and build them in gospel that they enroll each child in discipleship.
  • Pray for the churches here in *********, that whoever has received gospel that they grow in the word of God.
  • Pray for our CDC center here as their parents hear gospel, may God bring them in fellowship. As well as pray for the our community which we serve in His name.
  • Pray for our travel plan to USA for general assembly and convention 2023, visa, passport, and other travel expenses. I believe that He can do great things in lives and ministry.

In His Service,
Pastor K

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Linda LoryAllen - August 5th, 2022 at 12:53pm

This is so exciting! Will we be encouraging special offerings to help with their expenses as they come to General Assembly? Sure hope so. I bbn pray for them and their ministry daily.