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Prayer Request From Pastor K

We received an update from our partner church and it's full of ways you can be in prayer for them this season!
Dear Pastor Peter & Ketchikan Family 🙏
Greetings to you in the precious name of Jesus Christ. I hope and trust that you are doing well in building His kingdom. Here I would like to share my updates for Month of October, “God has been gracious to me”. October month had been a tough month for me and my family. The first week of October I mat with an accident in which I got minor injuries in my both ankle, wrist, and on my hand. It took almost 2 weeks to recover from that hard pain. As soon I started walking I got high fever of 102 which was continued for 3 days. Right after that I was diagnosed with “dengue”. Right after this my blood platelets went down. I had huge tiredness, & weakness. Frequently for a week my platelets were going down. I praise God for your prayers 🙏 that you are doing continues for me. Now I feel recovered from “Dengue & my platelets are in right numbers now”. I praise God for it. Keep on praying for me as started working on field again almost after a month, pray that God give me strength and power to build His kingdom as I was doing before. 🙏 Thanks for your prayers in building His kingdom.
Don’t forget - take just a few minutes and use your smartphone to record a short prayer or video of your family saying hi, and then send it to me that would be great! Submissions are needed ASAP!

 email or text them (951-515-6162)
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