God loves you. We do too!



Serve at KTNNAZ
Lots of ministries and places to use your gifts to serve others. This is one of our key values - so if you haven't found a place to serve we would love to connect you!
Give Faithfully
Your faithful and generous tithes and benevolence offerings support the local ministry of KTNNAZ and enable us to meet needs, plan ministries and reach out as opportunities arise.
Support Local Organizations
There are many ways to serve our community via organizations that love our city! Consider volunteering at the Day Shelter or Love In Action .
Missions Fund
Going beyond your tithe you can give to the missions fund at KTNNAZ. This is used to fund a variety of ministries and missions through the Global Church of the Nazarene including things like clean water, anti-human trafficking, education for women and children and more. Your offering makes a tangible difference in the lives of those around the world.
Sponsor a Child
This is a special way to give globally - and is a great chance for your family to engage with a child in need across the globe. Sponsoring a child enables them to have food, clothing, education, medicine and all through the loving care of Christians on the ground in that area. Your sponsorship impacts those children in significant ways through funding and relationship building as you write back and forth!
Partners in the Gospel
We have partnered with a pastoral family and church in India to further the Gospel! Help us encourage this pastor and his family as they minister to their community!