God loves you. We do too!

Partner Church Selected!

Your voice mattered - and the beauty of this process was that through prayer and the Grace of God - our voices all said the same thing.   We will be developing a partnership with Pastor K and his wife as they lead two small churches of mostly immigrant workers.  In addition to this - his community has a Compassionate Ministry Child Development Center.  This is a place where kids can receive health care, clothing, education, food, and more!

Here are some things you can do while we wait for some more detailed info on the pastoral family and churches.

  • Pray for Pastor K 
  • Pray for the two churches
  • Pray for the Child Development Center
  • Pray for wisdom on the development of this partnership
  • Educate yourself about Christianity in India
  • Educate yourself about Child Development Centers and what they do 
  • Prayerfully consider giving regularly (beyond your tithe) to the India Partnership Fund

I'm excited to see what God will do with this partnership.  

Send a Prayer or Encouragement

Since you are not just watching this unfold - but are helping it develop - send a prayer or scripture or encouragement to Pastor K!  I'll make sure it gets sent right away!

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