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Same Church/New Location

The past few days were crazy and full of God's immense wonderful works!   We found out that the water damage we have in our building is from a water main leak/rupture!!  Which is both good and bad.  Let me explain!
It's good because we know what it is, and we know how to fix it.  It's relatively straight forward of a solution and hopefully we can get it knocked out as soon as the weather warms up.  It also means that insurance may potentially cover the losses we experienced in the building due to the water damage.  This is HUGE.  I cannot stress enough how amazing God is.  Pray that the insurance adjuster approves this claim!

It is bad news in the sense that we have had to turn the water to building off - so as not to damage the building further.  Without water we can't meet, or use the building for group gatherings.  

However, God is good.  I am repeating this all the time the past few days!   Starting this Sunday (yes...THIS Sunday!!!) we will be meeting at the Saxman Community Center.  There is ample parking, a beautiful entry, and spacious auditorium.  It is reserved for us on Sundays moving forward (until our main is fixed).  It is also reserved for us for Christmas eve.

Here is what this means for us:
1) We keep doing church, but it will probably look and feel different.  Thats okay.  It's not screens, or technology, or our comfort zone that make us a church.  It's the fact we all proclaim that Christ is Lord!  So it doesn't matter where we meet, what our music is like, or if we have screens to watch.  What matters is that we continue to gather and praise the name of Jesus!
2) We keep inviting our friends and family to join us - we just make sure to let them know we are meeting in Saxman!
3) We keep giving one another grace as we figure out what church looks and feels like in a new space with different equipment.  
4) We keep serving together.  There are different needs now in a new space - like setting up chairs before church, and taking them down afterwards.  Standing at the door and greeting folks, so they know where to go.  
5) We keep praying.  Prayers of thanks for the goodness of God's hand towards us.  Prayers of continued mercies in the insurance and repair processes.  Prayers for the opportunities that a new (temporary) location give us to reach folks we may not have otherwise reached.  

If you have any questions or concerns - please don't hesitate to reach out to me!   Thanks in advance for your flexibility and willingness to jump in and serve during this temporary change!  You guys are amazing and I'm so thankful to be your pastor!

Pastor Peter
Saxman Community Center is located at 2841 S. Tongass Highway.
The best access road will be Bear Clan St - as it is the best plowed and least bumpy.  

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