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A Weary World Rejoices

The arrival of COVID changed quite a few things about our family, work, social, and church routines, and while we hoped it would be a short-lived adjustment instead it’s become a new way of life.  We have hit the 9-month mark of COVID life and we have nearly 7 months of online services under our belt - that’s a lot of time spent apart from your church family. Not just that - but the social distancing, mask-wearing, travel restrictions, quarantines, news reports of increasing death toll... It’s wearing on me, and I’m sure it’s wearing on you as well!  

The world is weary of COVID.  You can see it in faces (at least the parts of the faces you can see) all around town.  Weariness is a real thing.  In fact, in looking at the graphic below you can clearly see there is documented categories of stress and weariness from long-term exposure to a stressor.  I want you to know - if you struggle with any of these - you aren’t alone.  I do too.  

One of my favorite Christmas Hymns is O Holy Night - and when I was listening to it a few weeks ago the lyrics leaped out at me in a way they haven’t before.  

A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices

Christ came to a world that was weary.  Weary from sin, weary from waiting, weary from oppression, weary from the unknown...and I realized that the world Jesus was born into isn’t that different than what we are feeling like now.  We are weary.  Weary from sin, weary from waiting, weary from oppression, weary from the unknown.  However, we can rejoice in our weariness because Jesus came and will come again.  This is what Advent means - arrival.  

So this season as we - as you - turn your hearts towards Christ may you experience a thrill of hope that can only come from knowing that Christ meets you in your weariness and causes you to rejoice.  He came once to redeem mankind from the darkness of sin; and He will come again to redeem the whole of creation from the weariness of a sin-torn world.  He will lift the confusion, bear the weight of the unknown, and establish His Kingdom forevermore.  This is why O Holy Nights ends with this triumphant declaration of joy.

His pow'r and glory, evermore proclaim!

May your Advent be filled with hope, and joy.  May your weary heart rejoice in worship.  May your Savior be ever near to you.  
With love,  Pastor Peter
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