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Letter From Pastor K

Great news!   We have received a letter* from our parter pastor!  As you read through it you will find so many areas of prayer and I encourage you to pray daily for Pastor K and his family, his ministry and his community!  I also hope that you will be encouraged in our own faith as you read his letter.  Encouraged to be bold in sharing your faith, in generosity, in creativity,  and in your passion for those around you who are not yet connected to Jesus.

*I have edited identifying information for now...until I receive clarity on whether or not it's okay to post that information online.  
I am Pastor K* serving Lord and His people being part of the church of the Nazarene since 2013. My wife has been a great support in building His kingdom, we are parents since 2018, God blessed us with a daughter, she is the reminder that she is the gift from God and He is faithful to us. My wife and myself are graduate in theology and Bachelor of Arts. We both Married in 2016 since than we both have given our full time in serving God through serving people.  

It gives me joy to inform about our ministry excitement, as we want to see His great kingdom to come. We are saved to serve, “Serving God is the best way to serve God through serving people”. As among of these people they are the leaders of tomorrow.   Right now we are in (location) is one of the place which is a boarder to entering “city beautiful (location)”, it is one of the urban. village where we find migrated community from different part of the India, most of the community from (location), (location) and (location) are here, as they all are here to earn their daily bread, most of them earning wages is difficult, as most them are illiterate, due to which they are unable to provide good education to their children. They all are from different faith most of them are Hindus.

In 2015 we had privilege to enter in this village to establish a fellowship and we had celebration of evangelism, (like birthdays, celebration of food, cooking completions. etc) among youths and providing motivational seminars.

Right now we are involved with :-
  • Community development with “(Location) Child Development Centre” Providing education to each and every child of the marginalized group.
  • Arranging VBS in Local areas of North India, children are the gift from God.
  • Family care and Counseling
  • Women empowerment with Self Help Group
  • Church Planting in surrounding areas of  (Location) and (Location)
  • Preparing Christ like disciples through “Discipleship Training school”.-
  • Health Check-up Camp to build and grow them in their health.

As they are going to be tomorrow’s leaders, and it gives us opportunity to share about His unconditional love as Jesus did with us. We see this ministry to bring fruit in His great kingdom. Having these ministries, we are able to reach 40 families around the area. In the year of 2017 we started “Nazarene church fellowship”. Now regularly we meet each Sunday. Seeing these people to grow in the knowledge of Lord.

In the year of 2021- 2022 we as Nazarene fellowship want to build 20 young leaders in the knowledge of the lord, filled them with gospel and send them unreached areas of surrounding areas of (Location). and specially want to build them in the Christ like disciples, this is my intention with the lord’s ministry.  To build His kingdom and to see His people contributing towards His kingdom’s growth.

Keep praying for us as we lead this work and ministry here in North West India.

“Together we can make difference if we help and support to grow and develop His kingdom”. (Roman 10:14-15).

-Pastor K and Family
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