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Greetings from Dallas, Texas! I’m here attending a conference/training this week and wanted to share with you a bit about what it is and why I’m here.

I’ve been in KTN for 9 years now, and one question I hear A LOT is “What do I say to my aunt/sibling/child who is gay?” “How do I handle my child? … they just came out to me!” “How do I share my faith with my friend who is gay?” When asking these questions people are often hesitant to even say the word ‘gay’ outloud - worried that there will be instant pushback/anger/judgement.

I think it would also be silly to assume that no one at KTN struggles privately with SSA (same sex attraction) and what that means for their walk with Christ. Whether people are struggling with their own sexual identity or that of a loved ones - it’s often a struggle that is done alone, in fear and shame. However Scripture clearly tells us that there is ‘no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus.””

Christ calls us to be a people who run towards the challenging topics without fear. He calls us to be a people of immense grace and compassion; a people who find unity in Christ. A people who help lift the shame off our brothers and sisters.

This is why I’m at the conference this week. Revoice 2021 is a conference to help the church learn about/engage/equip sexual minorities as members of the Body of Christ and the theme this year is ‘Together.”
Here are the session descriptions:
So to say I’m excited to be here to learn and be challenged would be an understatement. I hope you will join me in praying over this conference. I also hope you have questions about what I will be learning, and what it means for our local church in KTN. I too have those questions! I would gladly sit down with anyone when I get back and share what I learned to open up a dialogue!

If you want to read more about Christianity and LGBTQ+ issues and understand the position of the Church of the Nazarene -  I would encourage you to read this paper. It’s fantastic - and it just may surprise and/or challenge you!

I’m available if you have questions or comments about this - there is a 3 hour time difference, so if I don’t respond immediately just hang tight! You are loved! Can’t wait to be back with you all!

Pastor Peter

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