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Fantastic Questions

God is never upset with your questions or your doubts.  He embraces your honest conversation and desires you to bring all things to him.   With that in mind - during a recent church service you had the chance to ask whatever was on your mind!  Your questions are amazing  they are below!  

I'll be working on answers to these and will be sharing the responses over the next few weeks. If anything sparks an interest, another question or you want to discuss something in person - don't hesitate to reach out!  
  1. Why did God make people able to be gay if in the bible God says marriage/love is for a man and a woman?
  2. How do we know that the bible is real?
  3. Are gay people in gay relationships going to hell?
  4. If God really loved people - why’d he make it so they have to have the rest of life to decide if you spend their eternal life in heaven, why not everyone spend time in heaven?
  5. Since Christianity started becoming popular in the Roman times - does that mean all of the stories before then are made up?
  6. Are the stories in the bible made up?
  7. Why are so many people blinded by all of the corruption in our government?  
  8. How do I process grief?
  9. Why do I feel insecure?
  10. Why do I have trouble talking to other people?
  11. Why do I care for everyone but myself?
  12. Why do we struggle with the same sins over and over again?  How can we overcome these stumbling blocks - permanently?
  13. Why does it say in scripture if I pray, God will grant my prayer. Yet I have been praying the same thing for years - and it has not been answered for me, but I see it answered for others.
  14. Is it justified in God’s eyes to take a life to defend an innocent life that is in mortal danger?
  15. Why do Christians act as though church history and knowledge started in the 1500s in Europe?  Can we do a class about earlier church history?
If you missed the opportunity to ask a question  don't fret!  Submit your own here!  You can ask anonymously - or leave your email if you want Pastor to respond personally!
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