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Partnering With India - PT 2

It's been a few weeks since our announcement that we are working towards a partnership with a church/churches in India.  This delay has been due to the effects of COVID and other circumstances in India.  However, today I received an email from Rev. Sunil again and  I wanted to pass it along to you so that you can continue to pray for India in general, and for wisdom on which Pastor/church to partner with!  (I have removed pastoral names for this post...)

As always if you have questions don't hesitate to reach out!
-Pastor Peter
Warm Greetings in  Jesus  Lord.

We are so grateful to the Lord for answering our and your prayers for the severe Cyclone that is passed over the eastern part of India where we have many churches. Some damage is done to houses and some roads are washed off in the area of West Bengal where there is low land area and water from sea and river come to the farming lands as well as entered the villages. But as feared it did not hit hard or caused much loss of life. We thank you for your prayers and God has been merciful to our people as are facing the severe pandemic wave and many deaths daily.

Through NCM there are efforts to help the communities and our pastors who are badly affected due to the pandemic and lockdowns. There are few pastors and their families Covid positive and taking treatments.

We as family are doing well, but its also hard time as both of our sons are stuck home.The elder one can not travel to another city to join the work because of the lockdown and many restrictions on travels. The younger one has come from Olivet Nazarene University completing his studies in Psychology, he came back to India at the end of November and since then could not find any opening for employment here in India , he had planned to find internship in US but dur the pandemic situation in US towards the end of last year finding  jobs for fresh students was so hard so he came back home. We are happy that he is with us during these difficult  days.  

With the second wave of infections and lockdown situations, pastors are quite hard pressed and frustrated, as many of the church members can not come online to participate in the online services or meetings.

We are praying and discussing some new  and creative ways of being engaged and to be effective in the ministry  days during and after the pandemic days.  As we discussed about possible churches which you could pray for engaging as partners in days to come. Couple of leaders have come to me as I prayed for this partnership. Let me give their names and you can pray for them and if you want to connect with any one of them or talk to all and select one , that would be your call.

Pastor/Church #1:  Coordinating the work in Kerala state. We have churches in rural as well as in towns , its new work a pioneering district , partnership will be very encouraging to the pastors and churches, you can choose one church or the whole new areas of the ministry.
Pastor/Church #2:  He is taking charge of  Southeast  India District, this is mostly rural and tribal community churches and few urban congregations. Covering two states  Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh.
Pastor/Church #3: Pastor of two small church plants among  immigrant labourer community, also has a Child Development Centre supported by the NCM among that  community.     

Look forward to hearing from you.  With regards and prayers for your family and for your congregations.
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