God loves you. We do too!


Kids are noisy, chaotic, ask a lot of questions, make messes, interrupt at weird times and more and yet Jesus says "the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to these..."!  All the noise, chaos and mess are marks of God's creativity and unique imprint on each child.   So we embrace all that kids are and aim to follow the model of Christ who said "let the little children come to Me."  

Our children's rooms/nursery are currently under remodel - and we know this can make things challenging for parents of young ones.  To help we provide pack'n'plays, bouncers and more to use in the service.   We also don't mind it when they cry, run , or even fall asleep under the chairs!   We have a kids station in the back of the sanctuary with activity sheets that go along with the passages from the sermon, as well as coloring supplies, clipboards, carpet squares for floor seating options, and even a snack bin!    

To help you engage and disciple your kids towards Jesus at home check out RightNow Media!  It's full of fantastic and engaging videos, worship music and short devotionals for kids (there is also about a bazillion videos for you too!).
On the last Sunday of each month we have a kids group that meets to study through the scriptures using games, crafts, snacks, and hands on bible time. This group meets in the sanctuary and gives parents an hour to grab a coffee, or lunch! Kids aged 2 - 11 yrs are welcome!