We stay connected via text and email and encourage you to sign up for those alerts!  This way you will be notified of any changes, or announcements during this season (and regular updates too...).  If you have a need please let us know!  



    Think of this as the Netflix of Christian bible studies!  There is content for kids, and adults.  Great bible studies, and devotionals, and worship for all ages - and all video based.  You can access it for free!  



    Sunday mornings at 10 am is our worship service!  We encourage you to join on Facebook and join in the conversation with others in the comment section!  However, you can also watch on youtube, or your TV!  

    Check Out The Ways You Can Watch

THE FOYER (Sundays @ 11:30a)

Think of this ZOOM group as part of your Sunday Church experience!  It's the time after church when we gather for snacks and coffee - only instead of doing that in the foyer of the church, we do it via ZOOM.  So after church, grab a snack and a drink (if you didn't already have one!) and join us for a bit of fun conversation!  These ZOOMS will last 20-30 minutes and are a great way to remain engaged with the faces and families you miss!

Register once and join every week!  

The password is SUNDAY

PRayer (Mondays @ 7pm)

It is exactly what it sounds like.  Join us for a time of prayer!  The church should be a house a prayer and this is one creative way we can live out our relationship with Christ and others!

Register once below and join us each week!    

The meeting password is PRAY

Midweek Moment (Wednesdays @ 7p)

This is a drop in devotional that does not have any homework, or require any reading.  Just come and reflect on a question with others, and challenge yourself to life the life of a Christfollower!

Register once below and join us each week!    

The meeting password is WESLEY


This short term study will look at what it means to live faithfully as God's unique people in the world.  Israel was in exile from their land for years, out of their comfort zone and routine - and yet still called to be faithful.  We are living in  a similar world - though not removed from our homes, we are removed from much of what our lives used to look like.  Register today - group is limited to 10!  (If you can't afford the cost of the book - let us know!) 

Begins May 22      Cost: $10               Registration Required     Thurs @ 7p   

Boor HOME Group

The Boors have an ongoing home group that use to meet at their house, but now meets via ZOOM.  They are currently working through a study on The Apostle Paul - and you can join them!    Here is how:

1)  Email Charles and let him know you want to participate

2)  Sign up for a free account at RightNow Media

3)  Set aside Tuesday nights at 6pm

4)  Enjoy the study and fellowship


    Drive up in your car the last Sunday of the month for curbside communion!  Pull up to the table by the accessible ramp on 2nd Ave from 1-3pm.

    Methodically this is clearly a different way to receive communion - but it is no less holy, sacred or worshipful.  Jesus will meet you in your car as you partake this special meal.


    Around the world, 70.8 million individuals have fled violence, persecution, extreme poverty, and disasters in their home countries without any guarantee of ever returning. Half of the world’s refugees are children, and many flee their homes alone or in groups, making them especially vulnerable to human trafficking and other forms of violence. Tens of millions more are migrants who leave their homes because of hunger, violence, and poverty.

    Nazarene Compassionate Ministries partners with local churches around the world to support refugees and immigrants through education for children, emergency relief for families in crisis, and support for families who have been resettled. In the US, NCM also works with immigration ministry centers that are providing legal assistance for those seeking a path to citizenship.

    By giving directly to the NCM Global Refugee & Immigrant Support Fund, you will be living out Christ's call to care for those who are most vulnerable and welcome the stranger (Matthew 25:35-40).


    This month - rather than collecting items, or other corporate action - the call to ACT LOCALLY is to you as an individual.   Live in your community, go to work, to the store etc.  Do  your life the way you do....with an intentional eye out for ways to love and serve your community with actions of kindness.