Thanks for stopping by! Whether it was in person recently, or just checking us out online; we are glad to have a chance to share life with you!   We hope you felt at home with us!  Check out the info below and if you have any questions just shoot us an email or call!  We hope to see you again!



KTNANZ has a dedicated number for texting the church!  (206) 887-9400   *Yes...we know it's not the 907 area code...evidently those are hard to come by for this kind of service...we have to settle for one from 'down south'...we hope you understand!!*  

Take (206) 887-9400 and save it in your contacts as "my favorite church" or "KTNNAZ rocks" or "My Jesus family"...or whatever else you feel like! :)    Feel free to use this number to get ahold of us with any questions, comments or prayer requests you have!  Your messages and conversations are one to one...meaning it is not a group message!  Then check out the specific ways you can connect below!


    If you visited us on a Sunday or during an event text "WELCOME" to (206) 887-9400.  We want to know you attended and to be able to follow up and say HI!  We also have a special gift for you after you text in!


    If you call KTNNAZ your church family, or want to stay up to date... text the keyword "LOOP" to (206) 887-9400.  This will enable you to receive general church emails, announcements, essential text message reminders/updates. 

  • Take the Next step

    We would be so excited to help you  take the next step in your faith!  Whether it's letting us know you have accepted Christ, that you want to be baptized, or need help finding a small group...or maybe you just want to talk to Pastor about something...we are here for you!  Text "NEXT" to (206) 887-9400.

  • Need prayer?

    Do you have a prayer request?  We would love to pray for you!   Text the keyword "PRAY" to (206) 887-9400.  


    We have a special keyword for you!  Text "WOMEN" to (206) 887-9400 to receive reminders specific to the KTNNAZ Women's Ministry! 


    Do you have a teen in your family?  Are you a teen?  Stay up-to-date with the youth events at KTNNAZ by texting "TEEN" to (206) 887-9400!