As part of the Nazarene church we partner with every other Nazarene church around the globe to make the most impact on the world for Jesus.  The amount of ways to serve, give and support global missions is nearly endless and it would be impossible to do them all as a single church.  However, as we partner together for the greater good we are able to do more together than we can alone!  KetchikanNaz supports Nazarene Missions International (NMI) financially and prayerfully.  Just as individual members tithe at church, we as a church tithe up to the Global Church which then takes those 'church tithes' and does some amazing things with them...and just gave towards it!  You are making a difference on a global scale!    All that said, there are a few specific global efforts that we have adopted and called our own.  We take special offerings through the year, pray for, and engage in these specific ways as a church.   


We believe very strongly that we can make an impact in the lives of those around the world - even if we can't always physically get there. To that end we, as a church, have committed to sponsoring two kids from two different countries. These two kids will be our kids until they graduate at 18 from the program. We have already enjoyed the blessing of sending them cards, letters, and small tokens of our friendship and fellowship.  

Child sponsorship helps kids across the globe receive food, clothing, education, medical care and the Gospel of Jesus.  These kinds of simple things, when consistently available change the course of a child's life...and even a family!  

For more information on the Nazarene Child Sponsorship program, to sponsor a child yourself, or to give to help support unsponsored children use the link below! You can search by country, age or birth to find the perfect child for your family to sponsor!  

compassionate Ministry

Compassionate Ministry is simply defined as 'meeting a need in love.'  As part of the Global Church of the Nazarene we support Nazarene Compassionate Ministry (NCM) and encourage those in our church to find a project they are passionate about and serve and give in that way. From anti-trafficking to women's needs there are more ways to serve the world though NCM than there is time in the day! Take some time to look through all the current projects and service possibilities and see what speaks to you!   Perhaps there is a way for you to make a difference in the life of someone else from where you are right now!


We take a special offering twice a year called the Alabaster Offering.  The name for the offering comes from a story in Matthew 26 of a woman who broke open her only prized and valuable possession, her alabaster jar, and poured the oil it contained on Jesus.  She gave up something precious to her in order to worship Jesus.  

We place our offering before Jesus and use it to build medical facilities, orphanages, churches, schools and missionary homes across the world. There is nothing more dear to the heart of Jesus than to reach further with the Gospel...and the Alabaster offer is one way we do that.  

You should know...the very church we worship in was built with Alabaster funds many years ago.  We must not forget the sacrifices people made to help our church...and we are called to give sacrificially to help others.