We are part of the Nazarene Church which means we are able to do more together than we can alone! KetchikanNaz supports the Nazarene World Evangelism Fund (WEF) financially and prayerfully.  Just as individual members tithe at church, we as a church tithe to WEF which then takes 'church tithes' from all Nazarenes around the world and does some amazing things with them!   You are making a difference on a global scale!    There are many opportunities to give globally in addition to WEF, and we have adopted a few and called them our own.  We take special offerings through the year,  we pray for, and engage in these specific ways as a church.   


COmpassionate Ministries

Compassionate Ministry is simply defined as 'meeting a need in love.' As part of the Global Church of the Nazarene we support Nazarene Compassionate Ministry (NCM) to help provide clean water, education for women and children, fight human trafficking, refugee support and disaster relief.

Child Sponsorship

As a church we sponsor two children - but many of our families have chosen to sponsor kids as well!  You can too!  

Did you know you can impact the life of a child by providing food, clothing, and education?   


Twice a year we collect an Alabaster Offering.  100% of the funds go to help build medical facilities, orphanages, churches, schools and missionary homes across the world. 

We love this offering! In fact, the building we worship in was built with Alabaster funds!