Ketchikan Naz App

Our free app will help you stay connected to Jesus during the week. Customize your app experience with a short Spiritual Growth Assessment then schedule and receive up to 12 biblical messages/devotions each day.   Read, reflect and respond within the app - taking notes about what God has taught you.  Save your favorite devotions and even share them via social media!  Stay connected with the past week's message via the MidWeek Moment video devotion pushed to the app each week!  You will also find links to contact us, to our sermons, and online giving as well!  

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get a digital bible

Want to read the Bible on your computer or mobile device? 

Awesome!  Digital Bibles are a great way to have quick access to the Word of God, to take notes, highlight passages, share on social media and more!  

The Bible App is one of the best out there!  It allows you to read the Bible (on or off line), have a devotion, watch Biblical stories, and it will even read to you while you are driving or working out! 

You can share what you are learning with your friends who use the Bible App - encouraging one another along the road.  You can also share your highlighted passages on social media.  

The Bible App is available on your mobile devices and your computer...and will pick up where you left off if you use both!  Don't wait any longer...get it today!

bible app for kids

Made by the same folks who made the Bible App  is the Bible App for Kids! This app will engage you and your kids in Biblical stories and content though the reading/listening to the Word and through visual animations.  

This app will encourage your kids to spend time with God and as they grow they will find they are building a habit of spending time with God through His Word.   

It's available across many platforms and devices ... and it's totally free! Get your kids the app that will help you develop them into Christlike disciples!

Get a PAPER bible

If you don't have a Bible and would like a paper copy for you or your family - we would love to  get one!   The Word of God is for everyone - adults and kids! Just let us know! We have Bible's for all ages and one is waiting for you!    Let us know on Sunday - in person or on the connection card - and we will hook you up!

If you want to purchase your own for your own use or your kids and don't know what version to get check out these for a good place to start!

ESV (Pastor Preaches from this version)

NIV (Super readable)

Jesus StoryBook Bible (Perfect for kids)

ESV Study Bible (If you want to go deeper with your reading)