As Christ followers we love Jesus. Everything we do is wrapped up in the Gospel - that Jesus loved us enough to die for our sins and that He rose again to give us life eternal. He paid the debt for our sins that we could not pay on our own. He loves us when we are far away from Him - and keeps loving us no matter what we have done or not done. This love changes us from the inside out and because of that love we are motivated to love Jesus and love other around us with the same kind of love we have been shown!  


Jesus lived a life of service and asked nothing in return for it. He modeled a life that was filled with humility, giving, healing, feeding the hungry and more. As followers of Christ we are to live the same way! This means as a church actively seek ways to serve the people in our city: through free family events (VBS, Harvest Parties etc.), and partnering with local organizations (WISH, PATH, Love In Action etc) to make a difference!  We also live individual lives of service - looking for opportunities to meet needs in love as we see them around us.


Jesus surrounded himself with friends and built life-changing relationships everywhere He went. As Christ followers we will do the same. We believe that life is best lived out in community with one another.  We actively seek to build friendship with everyone - not just people in the church, or people who look or sound like us. We believe that everyone needs community!  We also believe the local church should help the community it lives in.