God has a funny of way doing things.  It's often not the way we think things should be done.  Jesus came to earth and turned the whole system upside down, inside out and backwards: He constantly did the unexpected.  He told religious leaders they were sons of the devil, He touched lepers, He defended the marginalized and He claimed to be the Son of God.   His whole life and way of ministry is characterized by the UNEXPECTED.  We hope you will join us for some of the services and activities this Easter Season! 

  • GOOD FRIDAY  (Friday, April 14th at 6:30pm)

    None of the disciples expected Jesus to die.  He was the Lord - how was that even possible?  Why would He allow Himself to be arrested, to be tried illegally and to be executed?  Join us to hear the true story of an UNEXPECTED DEATH. 

  • EASTER SUNDAY   (Sunday, APRIL 16TH AT 11aM)

    Lost in their grief over the unexpected death of Jesus...the disciples were at a loss.  Yet after the murder, the funeral and the 3 days of sadness something no one expected occurred...Jesus showed up at their breakfast.  He was no longer dead - but alive!  Join us to hear the true story of an UNEXPECTED LIFE!     

    We will have a special time in the service for the kids with a science experiment, goodie bags and story!   We also have a great nursery staff who would love to care for your littlest ones!

  • EGG HUNT   (After Easter Service)

    We know many kids (and their parents) look forward to the egg hunt each year!  We too look forward to it!  Join us after the service for an egg hunt for kids 0-5th grade.  We have areas for each age group so everyone has a safe and fun experience!  Bring your camera....