We get it.  Not everyone is in the same place in life.  Some people have followed Christ since they were little - others may have never heard about Jesus' great love.  Yet somehow the whole range of people, beliefs, life experiences and perspectives tend to end up at church at some point.  We want to help everyone  - no matter where you are on the journey - understand Christ's love in deeper way.  To that end we offer a few simple steps to help you learn about Jesus and get connected with others on the journey.   You will see they go in order - and are cyclical.  Meaning that when you will most likely revisit some (or all) of these steps as you help others connect with Jesus! 


    Show up and bring some friends!  Attend for the first time or the 1000th to connect with Jesus and people who love and worship Jesus.  Together we are the Body of Christ.  Sing, pray, listen to the Word and let God work in your heart!

  • hang out

    On the last Sunday of each month we invite anyone who is new to us that month to join us in the Fellowship Hall after service.  We won't keep you more than 30 minutes.  Just long enough to share some pizza and root-beer floats and to get to know you a bit!  Very informal and of course, your kids are always welcome!  We even have a gift for you!  

  • basics

    This is a 6 week class that meets on Sunday mornings at various times during the year.  This class is the best place to get to know some other folks, and to learn (or revisit) the basic of Christianity, what it means to be a Nazarene, and who we are as a local church.   It is the starting point for anyone seeking to learn more about us, desiring membership or baptism. Ready to join the next class?  Great!  Do it here! 

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  • identity

    Once we all have the BASICS under our belts it's time to dive a bit deeper.  IDENTITY is a personal exercise where you will discover who it is that God made you to be, look at what hinders you from fully following Him, and set some life goals to help you walk closer with Jesus.  This exercise offers some great resources for you to complete at home, and is finished up by meeting with a leader to help you sort through your material.  As you grow in your walk and are desiring to serve the Lord in an authentic way - this is for you!

  • GROW

    Now you know what the BASICS are and you know how you fit into the picture of the local church.  Do you understand the full story of God?  GROW will take you on a 12 week journey from Genesis to Revelation. Looking at each book of the Bible and summarizing it, hi-lighting the essential themes, verses and people for you.  We will see how Jesus is present through the Old Testament, and what prophecies He fulfilled as He walked the earth.  Grow deeper in your knowledge of the Bible.

  • action

    It is not enough to simply have head knowledge about Christianity, Scriptures and the Church.  Believers are called to take their knowledge and faith and put it to ACTION.  This 6  week course will dive into Acts 2 and look at what the life a follower of Christ looks like.  What habits should be in place to keep growing in Christ, and how to share your story with your unbelieving friends.  We will equip you with the tools you need to put your faith into action!

  • thrive

    The idea is not to walk the Christian Life alone...and to get you and your family connected with other families in the church for fellowship and study and prayer. These groups will all look a bit different; kids vs. no kids, coffee mid morning or full on evening meals, men's or women's - but no matter what format they take the main idea is to run the race together with other believers and THRIVE.  If you are interested in getting connected with a group  please let us know!